This timeline is a chronological overview of the artist's life.  They are interwoven between family, career and art.


Hovenga lives in many cities across the country as  jobs in the art supply industry lasts from 1980 to 2006.

In 2007, He moves to Iowa to paint full time.

1960-1978   Davenport, Ia             Youth

Kirk Hovenga was born in Cedar Rapids, IA in 1960.  He was raised in Davenport, IA.  He came from a middle class family whose father worked at John Deere.  In his late teens, he was an average student who gravitates towards art.  His high school art teacher gave him a job painting houses during the summer.  Undecided to what to do upon graduation, he enrolls at the University of Iowa to study art.


1978-1982  Iowa City, IA               College Years

In college, Kirk enjoyed the traditional approach of teaching.A class particularly influential was colloquium.  Artists, writers and poets come to present a lecture about their art then answer questions.  During this time he frequents The Art Institute of Chicago.  To support himself, he begins working at the local art supply store.  Kirk graduates in 1980 with a bachelor of Fine Arts and a minor in photography.


1983-1984   Iowa City, IA             Post College Years.

Kirk works as Studio Assistant for Byron Burford, Head Professor at the University.  He continues to frequent the Art Institute of Chicago as well as other museums in the Midwest.  The painting "Woman Kneeling on a Chair" is accepted in the Biennial at the Des Moines Art Center.  in 1984, he is transferred to Kansas City to manage a new store.


1985-1987   Kansas City, KS

As his career in art supply moves forward, Kirk has time to frequent The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.  He marries his first wife in 1986.  In 1987, Kirk is transferred to Wichita to run a company acquisition.  


1988-1989   Wichita, KS

Kirk tours art supply manufacturing facilities and headquarters.  Computerization impacts businesses.  In this period, Kirk develops both his combined images and deconstructive style.  Computer and found images are used.  He shows and wins several national competitions.  In 1987, his first child, Kyle, is born.  Kirk is employed by a new company and moves to Phoenix in 1989.


1990-1993   Phoenix, AZ

Responsibilities allow Kirk to meet with top level executives and technicians in the art supply industry.  He advances his techniques using projections, transfers and new products.  He develops relationships with local artists as well as frequenting galleries and The Phoenix Art Museum.  He is represented by the Jeanene Miejer  Gallery on Scottsdale's gallery row.  His first daughter, Paige, is born in 1990 and second daughter, Audrey is born in 1993.  The company he works for acquires 5 stores in Cleveland and he moves to manage operations. in 1993.


1994-1995.  Cleveland, OH

The stores that are acquired sell art supplies but are highly profitable in digitizing and printing large format prints for corporations.  Once more, this further develops Kirks knowledge in a fledgling industry.  As he continues to paint in the traditional style, the development of combined images and deconstruction continues.  He takes on all operations of the company based in Atlanta. GA.  In 1995, Kirk falls ill and health issues force him to step down from his position.  He moves back to Phoenix in 1996.


1996-2004   Phoenix, AZ

Health issues continue as Kirk has extended stays in the hospital.  He is hired as Western Regional Manager with a national art supply firm.  He visits operating centers in Los Angeles, San Fransisco, Chicago and Southern California.  This allows him to interact with art communities and visit museums in these cities.  He is influenced by the variety art cultures.   The Phoenix light becomes prevalent in Kirk's paintings.  In 2004 he becomes the COO and Vice President of this company.  He transfers to company headquarters in Ft Lauderdale.


2005-2007   Ft Lauderdale, FL.

Kirk has opportunity to visit stores in Manhattan,, Miami, Philadelphia, New Jersey as well as the western states.  The museums he visits are extensive and he has now experienced most of the United States art cultures.   His art has been expanded greatly.   In 200? his father dies after an extended bout with Alzhiemer's and in 2007 his first wife divorces him.   As he once again falls ill, he is forced down from his position as Chief Operating Officer.  He buys a house in Dumont, Ia and moves to devote his full time to art.


2007-present   Dumont, IA.

Dumont is a small city of 600 people where he visited his grandparents as a young boy.  It is quiet which allows him to focus on art.  with a renewed interest in the land, he sets out to paint landscapes.  In 2013, he carries his second wife, Pia, born in Chile and a graphic designer.  Kirk is represented by Heritage Art Gallery, Cedar Falls, Iowa and Tandem Brick Gallery in Des Moines, Iowa.  He continues to paint an evolve.

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